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Our Servers

HUB(way to all our servers)

IP:- play.primegames.in

Port:- 19132


IP:- fac.primegames.in

Port:- 19132


IP:- skyblock.primegames.in

Port:- 19132


IP:- xfac.primegames.in

Port:- 19132



Port:- 19133

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About Us

We are providing top quality minecraft pocket edition servers to 1000 players in our all over network.  PrimeGames is a brand new faction server, released in the mid stages of 2017. We specalise in providing some of the best pvp action, raids, survival and a very enjoyable no lag experience. Our server also contains a lot more cool features, like wonderful staff. Our goal is to focus all of our time helping out the community. Because of this, staff are on hand, 24/7 trying to give you all an unforgettable factions experience. So why not try us out We are sure you will not regret it! ---coming In case of any query please contact at contact@primegames. 

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