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  1. SadCoyote58427

    Important Sharpness 40.

    Hey, it has come to my attention a few players still have sharpness 40 swords, and me and the factions team are tracking down on these players and destroying the swords, if u know someone who has it, or if u have it please give it to a staff member IMMEDIATELY or those who do keep the swords and...
  2. SadCoyote58427

    Closed Factions Update!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE Of course I wanna talk about what Me and the Factions crew are going to do for the Factions server and it will be a good sized update, but we need your help, this is what we have so far, and please comment down what you think should be added and we'll pick different...
  3. SadCoyote58427

    Closed My ideas and what i think

    Alright before I say this, this is meant for what I think would be better for factions as it is.. remove gsets from factions to make it kind of kit based and overpowered kits with prot and sharpness, and have claims but u can have fax members killed to lower the claims aka, go raidable, to make...
  4. SadCoyote58427


    YT RANK REQUIREMENTS: As a YouTube publisher/artist or video creator you can always apply for the YT RANK and get a cool tag in game and a special role [YT] {yourname}: Of course the role name and color can change for the special rank... But aswell here are the YouTube rank requirements, perks...
  5. SadCoyote58427

    Closed Idea for all servers.

    I dont believe anyone has suggested this before, but for staff members (helper, mod, admin, sr.admin, COSF etc) please add a /find {player} to find a player in any server EXAMPLE being SadCoyote58427: /find OptimusPrime338 Result: OptimusPrime338 is in the specific server (PRISON SERVER 1...
  6. SadCoyote58427

    Closed suggestions? for facs!!!

    Hey guys! As most of you know that I lead factions, and i want your suggestions on what should be in the upcoming on factions :) i will soon (after a few days maybe 1 or 2) and after a span of new days most of your and others ideas will come true!!:) Comment/reply your ideas and comments below...
  7. SadCoyote58427

    Closed Factions Suggestions

    I would like to ask you all what you think should be added to the PrimeGames Factions server, any suggestions/questions are always counted and taken into thought! Factions is a gamemode where you may explore a wild world, make a base, build a faction, take over the lands, conquer all the ideas...
  8. SadCoyote58427

    Closed Im sorry ;-;

    Dear Opti, dark, sky, Claire, and all staff I am deeply sorry for what I am about to say, I have made a mistake on prisons and I hope you can forgive me, today I stumbled Apon a player today who was in need of help, I tried to do /spawn before I got attacked, but I was attacked and did /spawn...
  9. SadCoyote58427

    Closed HOSTING PVP

    HOSTING A PVP CALL IN DISCORD I am hosting a call in which when someone joins they can talk to others and pvp, I will be hosting today just join prisons call on the discord, my discord: xXRafy_900Xx#0012
  10. SadCoyote58427

    my introduction- SadCoyote

    Im a 14 year old who likes games and to play them, love meeting new people that like my hobbies and take me for the person i am, i try to be nice to everyone, I try to accomplish my dream of making people happy, i wish to be a game designer when i am out of college, most of all i wanna make this...