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  1. FiberglassCivic

    4D Skin Creators Wanted!

    PrimeGames is seeking talented 3D modeling artists who can help us create custom models and costumes. If you've ever wanted to get your work featured, this is a great opportunity. We will be using these creations in future updates to PrimeGames! If you feel like you're up to the challenge...
  2. FiberglassCivic

    Notice July 24th Starts a New Season for Factions

    In case you didn't see the announcement in our Discord, we are planning to reset the Factions server on July 24th. We know that many of you have questions about this process and what it means so we'll try to answer those questions here. Will I keep my stuff? No. The only thing that will...
  3. FiberglassCivic

    Factions Factions ideas

    Thanks for bringing this up OP. The read through confirms some of the thoughts we've had about how much there needs to be some changes. Many of the things that are discussed in this post are things we have been considering because they are core to the concept of Factions. Thanks to everyone...
  4. FiberglassCivic

    Important Website Maintenance (Jan 25 2019)

    This is to let everyone know that we're about to make some updates to the website. These changes are internal, but will require us to close the site temporarily. We will start in about an hour so finish up your posts! This update shouldn't take very long, but it may take a few hours for the...
  5. FiberglassCivic

    Pending Enchant Idea

    Interesting. I don't know about the auto-planting part of the saplings but an enchant to quickly cut down trees could be nice.
  6. FiberglassCivic

    Other Custom Enchants Ideas....

    Interesting. I have a feeling we'll incorporate some things that are similar to these.
  7. FiberglassCivic

    Pending Appreciation

    Always happy to be of service!
  8. FiberglassCivic

    Cyberweek Sale! 65% OFF!

    This week only, get some great CyberWeek deals! Almost EVERYTHING in our store is 65% OFF!! (subscription ranks excluded) Deals End Saturday, December 1st at Midnight! Worried about your lifetime rank purchases? You won't lose them when we update to our new game modes so feel free to get them...
  9. FiberglassCivic

    Notice Season 2 is on the Horizon!

    Updates are Coming! On Thursday 11/8/2018, we announced an upcoming release of updated game modes on our servers in Discord. We're going to re-post that here and answer some of the FAQ's related to this update. Earlier this year the development team started working on a major rewrite of all...
  10. FiberglassCivic

    Entry Level Developer Application Guide

    Read Carefully Before Applying: The information listed here is intended for applicants who wish to do software development. Any applications submitted through the Developers Application will be immediately denied if the applicant is attempting to apply for any other position. If you are not...
  11. FiberglassCivic

    All Server Epic PRIME Items!

    !!EMERGENCY ALERT!! BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THIS EXTREMELY RARE SET OF ARMOR!! Most servers have been updated with a new feature that adds hard to find items to your mining drops. Among these items are the ultra rare "Epic PRIME Armor" set. The set includes all diamond pieces and a sword, each...
  12. FiberglassCivic


    Thanks for reporting this. We'll be looking into it.
  13. FiberglassCivic


    I need a more accurate location to be helpful in resolving this. X, Y, Z coords from above the hotbar
  14. FiberglassCivic

    Notice Maintenance Update for July 30th 2018

    We're about 30 minutes away from a scheduled maintenance on our servers. I wanted to take a moment and give you a road map of what to expect during the next few hours. Several things are going to happen during this time that will affect most of our services. During the entire maintenance...
  15. FiberglassCivic

    Notice Server Maintenance July 30

    More updates are coming! We're fixing some of the problems that have recently been reported. These updates will require us to have the servers down for an hour or two while we make the necessary changes. We will start this on Monday July 230 around 2:00AM GMT. When this happens, we will send...
  16. FiberglassCivic

    No RankPoints for voting?

    What is your in game name babybundoll?