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Hey, I appreciate your report on this, however I would just like to say there is no conclusive proof here that any players were hacking, It would be really useful if in future you or someone else could record, or if you could ask a staff to get online as there needs to be proof of them using hacks on the server to ban them.

I would also like to note, currently the only person who has permissions on v2 kit pvp to ban players is Fiberglasscivic as the server isnt fully released so normal staff dont have perms there.

I appreciate your report however I hope you understand the process of which needs to be done for a rule breaker to be banned, last thing Id like to mention is for future reports here on the forums, it would be great if you could put it in the "report-a-player" section (https://primegames.in/forums/report-a-player.26/ ). I hope this helped!
Not open for further replies.