All Server 2018 Christmas Items Giveaway By Me

Christmas is coming! Better be good 😉 Anyways, for Christmas, I MAY be doing an auction for items and a giveaway. Tricks, contests, but this MIGHT be for all servers, I’m not completely sure. But it’ll also be after the update and the reset. Now it may be a month or two into 2019. But I’m still gonna do it for Christmas (hopefully). I wanted to do it before 2019, but it’ll be useless once all this comes out. But like I said, I’m not COMPLETELY sure if I’ll do this if it waits too long into 2019. If it does, I’ll probably do it for Easter or something. Anyways, if I don’t make it to tell you all this on the exact day,

Merry Christmas!


Every Moment Is a Fresh Beginning
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Any details about the giveaway?