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Resolved All my ideas in one go

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Basically, i have been playing primegames prisons from a while, but its turning to be boring, i think we shall have some few new changes:
1.Auto Sell
Auto Sell has been disabled after the 30th July mantainence on prison1 and prison2, auto sell is important as we dont have to go to chat and type /sell all all the times,
The mines were changes as well, the legend/bedrock mines are very small in size, we shall have the old mines back as well, they were good in producing money
3.Money system
4.Disabled CE
some custom enchants like forcefeild costed me 40Million to buy only to find it has been disabled, please re-enable custom enchants and add new ones like (Flash) which can be on sword and it makes peoples screem go white on a 2x2 place so they cant see, this would be better then blind, also re-add dragon head and elytra in shop/crates, they have no reason to be disabled.
The spawns of skyblock1 and skyblock2 have been changed but prison spawn hasnt changed from when i started playing
PvpZone is full of lava and makes it hard to get the loot from PvP, a deathbringer blind i killed once got in lava as well
Whenever i see someone cussing i need to go to discord and call a staff, especially the staff in prison2 are quite low and makes harm due to hackers and people,
thank you!
1.Auto Sell is Needed
2.I don't play pg...idk about the mines
3.Prisons should be hard..so money should be same
4.Some CES are too op and thus disabled..
5.i don't know sky block
6.Yup tbh staff made the worst PvP for prison 1
7.Apply then..


@MacFerns04 i am asking the #3 because there should be a money difference in coal mine and Z mine, Z mine is better then coal, we shall have coal like 50$ each and itll be good, and also that will increase the incom of PvP mine a bit as well so the non-ranks dont need to ask stuff and sell thiers all the time to earn money


Far From Home
Staff do their best to moderate the server. It’s a hard job, and sometimes they get caught up in things while 2 other people are begging for help. I don’t think there should be a “staff” section in this thread.
Rank(s like immo coal legend etc.) Should be bigger
Auto sell should be enabled WE NEED


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Sr. Admin
1.i talked with fiber and he assured me that autosell will be brought back
2.staff will handle it im sure
3.i dont think so as the money system that is currently available was definitly made after thinking.
4.those type of ces are banned and hopefully will stay banned as they are super op and give an unfair advantage to players who have em.
5.idk what to say
6.pvp is suppossed to be challenging thats why there is lava,hilly terrain,a castle and fire
7.staff does see the logs and comes on whenever they are needed and btw according to ur history it was u who was being reported for cussing and not the other way round.
can this thread be closed?
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