Pending Appreciation

My name is ThiccBabyMomma aka Jacoby i wanna say thank you to all the staff for putting in work for primegames and giving us a server to play on and most importantly staff for being there and banning hackers and the web admins for giving us a website to report them on and developers for giving us new content so Thank you guys and OPti for making the server


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You’re especially welcome, and thank you for playing Prime Games!


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You are most certainly welcome. Thanks for playing!


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Sr. Admin
Always glad to help :) and thanks for playing pg. ❤


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Aww, thanks! So cutee!! ☺️ Thank you for playing PG and I hope you have fun on it!
Even though I’m not staff, other players and I help the staff keep the server smooth so I think I can say Thank You from every member of PG! (>^•^)>❤️