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Factions Enchanting and Anvil Idea

I think in the game, there should be enchanted books, as well as anvils. With all the new custom enchant threads, there ought to be people pining for them, to upgrade their g-sets. I believe you should be able to buy enchanted books for a lot of experience, and also should be able to use personal enchantment tables while also getting custom enchants from it. Who here agrees with me?
you can upgrade ur gset with enchantment shop so no need for books or anvil but thanks for the idea
I think it could cause glitches , but how would you make it so that you get custum enchants from tbe enchanting table, i dont think that is possible ,but i would like to be able to rename certain items
I believe that they will fix Vanilla Enchants in V2, idk if i can recall from Fiber.
I like the idea much more than I like our current enchantments setup. The enchantment setup will change completely in V2, so you never know! Thanks for the suggestion mate.