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Factions Faction Ideas

I believe when making a faction, you should be allowed to use fancy text and color it just like upper ranks are able to do with their nickname, of course, this ability will only be exclusive to the higher ranks, I also believe there should be a list at spawn, a top 10 leaderboard of who got the most kills in that day, basically daily WZ leaderboard, Warzone only counts. I also believe the prices for bedrock should lower from 10k to 5k, This makes sense because of the bugs and glitches nowadays to get into people's bases, And most importantly CLAIMS! I do realize that you can claim land when gaining 1k str in your own faction but how about privately? I know that insiding someone and /homing in their base is very common, I believe that there should not only be faction strong, but player strong aswell, If your strong is greater than that player, and you manage to inside them, you can /claim their land which deletes all of their /homes in A 1k coordinate radius. Respond if you agree with any of these claims, or respond why they wouldn't work out below :)
Hmm. Bedrock's prices should go up. Not down. Reason being it makes people unraidable. No one should be unraidable. Its factions. Also, claims in factions are good the way they are. They are faction claims, not private claims. How would one overclaim or claim for that matter with no faction? Survival has that if you are interested in that 🤷