Important Features

What would you guys like to see on our server. The devs might be able to get it to work. So leave a comment with the feature you would like to see on the server.
Also say what server you would like the feature to be added. We try our best to keep our players happy.

NOTE: Keep in mind not everything you guys can’t be added so please don’t complain if the feature you want isn’t getting added to the server you want.
I want concrete and concrete powder in the shop in the survival server becuase currently you can make it but you cannot get all color variation e.g. black and gray


Staff member
I mean, isn’t the island it’s own separate thing? You could just be able to set time on your island ya know
Its a different world but same server so if Anyone does it the whole server gets it same with entities people make big cacti farms and then lag the server if the lag was only on their island it wouldn’t be a problem. The whole server gets laggy (if their are people online at their island with a big farm)
It would be good if u were able to make the prices of things that u can sell higher because people in the lower mines need money but pvp is always controlled......And this would also go to oyye's thing to make the ce enchants higher priced so its fair