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Skyblock1 Getting started questions.


I'm trying to understand the mechanics of SkyBlock seen as this is the first time I'm playing outside the 1P world.
I would like to understand the "end game" of why I am trying to make more money. I see that there is PVP and having good armor and weapons helps you defend yourself and defeat others.
  • I've gotten as far as planting many Trees, making a Cobble gen, and I am about to start a Cactus farm.
  • I cook the Cobble in the furnace with Sticks to sell Stone at the higher price. I sell my Coal, Lapis locks, and Gold.
Other questions which I am unsure of whether I should make separate posts...:
  1. I'm also trying to become familiar with this Forum and Discord so I can really utilize getting help and connecting with fellow Minecrafters.
  2. I've noticed one mechanic of the world is that I don't have to pick up drops. I have also noticed that sometimes I get a Splash Potion or sometimes I get really lucky and a whole stack of stuff comes out of a block. Which is pretty cool, but I'm unsure how this would work with Tree Leaves blocks. When cutting down a tree should I bother to break the Tree Leaves blocks too?
  3. I also went and Voted on all 3 websites. I received 2 Keys for this (I have seen on other posts that this is a common glitch), but I also received a Common and 2 Rare Keys from breaking blocks, which I have no clue what they are for...
I would appreciate any guidance I am given so that I can master it!


Staff member
I couldn’t really give you a good answer to the first part, as I don’t play on skyblock much but for Question 2: the reason you don’t need to pick up blocks is to prevent lag, as the blocks don’t end up on the floor when broken. For the splash potions and other stuff you get from breaking blocks, it’s something that they added where you break blocks and have a chance to get random items, e.g. splash potions, mob heads or rare Epic Prime Items (sword and armour). Breaking the leaves could also get you some of those items. Question 3: getting keys from breaking blocks is another item that you can get, also keys can be used on chest to get stuff, e.g. money, armour or weapons.