How Did You Join PrimeGames?

How did you join PrimeGames? I joined in January when I was looking up Minecraft servers and was looking for a mini game server and I stumbled across this one (I saw creative and I was like “Oh creative! I love creative!”) I joined for a bit and played Skyblock like how a YouTuber did... I quit for a month or so and stumbled across PrimeGames looking for a server and continued playing! But had family issues about 3 months ago and was inactive for 2 months and I’m sorry about that... Well, tell me how you joined PrimeGames in the comments (wow that sounds like a youtuber XD)
I joined a while back. I was looking for Skyblock servers. I joined and I didn’t play for like a month then I became a player. I had made a TERRIBLE island. Sadly I didn’t keep the spawn eggs... then Chimp and Humane invited me to their island. Then it was destroyed and I moved on with a huge island. Then that had to go so me and Chimp started working together again after derp given up. This isn’t the entire story. I’ll tell the entire thing soon.


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I am an og, joining in the beginning with my sis to look for a pe server and found this place. I fell in love and still am, started on sb2 with buds and almost everyone I started with no longer play but that still pushes me to get farther.


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I joined because I was looking for a community and when I saw prime I accided to check it out and I found that it was amazing and before then I would join other servers and just get bored but it's something about Primegames the never got boring so I later became staff and you know this is making me want to make a thread telling people about me
I found it on the server list on 29 September, 2017. Nothing special :p