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Closed I think something happened....... ;-;

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Ok, so I was in the chat and I was trying to copy something..... and apparently, it had copied, AND pasted, included what I had copied sometime else (which included a link to website I should not include), and automatically sent it. Ok, what?

So I was glad nothing happened to me, because I said sorry about the spam and that I didn’t mean to do it.... but then - everyone started acting strangely to me......

Then this happened when I asked people if they could hear me.

(Look at screenshot!)

Is this like.... a huge problem? Does any staff know what happened? If I got punished I’m really sorry and I didn’t mean to do it..... or is it just some crazy glitch that happened because of the pasting or something? Can anyone answer?! I’m really confused because I’ve never been muted before.

Thanks if you can help....

EDIT: Plz also let me know if the image does not load or something. Basically the main point of it is that I asked someone if they can hear me, and then they start freaking out saying that they see my chat in ORANGE and that they might be the only one who can hear me.


Person who said I was talking in orange told me it was just a prank. I’m so glad that’s true...... but if you’re a staff and u happened to see my message in the logs.... just use this and know I didn’t mean to.....

But I still don’t know why nobody said anything..... I think they were all pranking me too...... I hope so......
This is pointless now I guess..... can anyone close this thread? Thanks
Not open for further replies.