Introduction v2

Welcome To My weird introduction!!
How i found primegames?

On around 24th March, i was fed up of my survival world and wanted to play prisons. I went and searched prison servers. I saw PrimeGames and was like i gotta try it out buddy! I joined first from the account Anasw786. I was amazed how great the spawn of hub was. I clicked the prisons guy and saw two prisons. I was like 12 years old and i didn't even know what "gtg" means. I went into pvp mine, i was killed in a minute. I was like STTOPPP and i made Friends with MacFerns04. He kinda stole a lot of my loot. Then after troubles and troubles. I ranked up to Z mine. I then was temp banned for glitching in donor mines. I waited out. Then i was false banned. I got unbanned and a friend bought me immortal! I was so happy. Then i went into PvP action and rock and rolled! And this server is so cool i am still here! I learnt and grew with the server
In game hobbies?
I like to PvP as its very fun! And best way to troll new people. I like to make new friends. Mine and build! Which all suits in a Prison fashion. The reason i was looking for prisons :)
Any Other Questions Please ask in the comments!!


Could you maybe not make like 10 accounts?
Could you maybe not make like 10 accounts?
Cant you just stop? All you do when this player posts something is hate. It’s unnecessary. Leave the thread if you don’t have anything that goes on-topic. Smh.