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Closed Item frames Problem

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It's being too hard to find item frames nowadays... Need item frames in shop. Cause it's getting extinct and can't find them easily and if i but they sell expensive :( please keep item frames in shops again we. Miss them
I agree that, even know item frames can cause lag I think they should be added back to the shop, maybe at a high price, because there's already millions in prisons, but considering that there not reusable can be a problem, maybe they can be added for a limited-time special event or something as a means of kinda restocking the item frame supply on prisons, I just think we should have some sort of means for replenishing the item frames on prisons, even just a little.
That’s true. The item frames are nearly exctinct sometimes and are very rarely found but if they are very expensive.
Personally I think they should bring them back and set them at like 100k or something, that way everyone can get them, but will only have a few
Uhhhh unless I missed something frames aren’t fixed still :/
Bueno que deberían regresarlos ya que es difícil de tener en mi caso nove hacen falta pero Parala nueva comunidad si los necesitan


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There are several threads like this one and item frames wont be back
Idk maybe theyll add it in update but ig they wont
Closing thread.
Not open for further replies.