Pending Mabye a court system for hackers in All servers?

Should we have an “Equal Court System” in this server?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • No

    Votes: 5 71.4%

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So, I was thinking, mabye have an equal court system. To give hackers the chance to be better. Like the court system in America, the jury, randomly selected players, have to choose the punishment, and if he/she is guilty or not. But of course if the said players don’t appear to jury duty, they get fined a specific amount. I also think it would be a good idea to have whole new ranks, the Lawyer rank, sense there are so many hackers, the lawyers should be payed from the Defendant, the Security rank, which you can guess what they do, restore the peace and keep everything safe in the courtroom, and last, but not least, the Judge rank, the judge gets payed depending on the severity of the case, and the time it takes. The judge participates along with the jury in the hearing of the hacker. There are also different tiers of the court. You have “Minor Offense Court” which is just for the little hackers, you have “High Offense Court” which is for the more severe hackers, then you have the big one, “Major Offense Court” which is for the dangerous hackers. These people have to go through training, and a test to get to their positions. But mabye it would be worth it. To have a fair court system might be a good idea.


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Hmmm , im not quite sure this could fit in a minecraft server , mainly because its just a big idea that could be fixed with just a little solution


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I mean its veey creative , but i dont see it workibg , for example , how would you define a sever hacker , from a small one, and before all of this thing starts taking place on game , the hacker could just leave , idk i see a some flaws in it , iwould simply make an auto ban to flyhackers or something like that
I don’t see this working at all. It’s creative, but just no. It will literally just make players feel bad and untrusted.
I agree with the others and with the jury thing if you couldn't be on that day then it wouldn't be fair that you lose money. Plus if the jury is made up of the hacker's friends (I know unlikely but still possible) they could say he isn't guilty


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I agree with Owenthemilkjug‘s opinion.
I mean, if someone hacks, you don’t gotta do an entire Judge Judy, we just need proof and then, if we get proof, it’s a simple Bye Bye.


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We do not always need proof to ban. But, i do think this is a very good idea. Keep up the great ideas.