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Prison2 Minecraft 10 Year Anniversary Unofficial Event/Contest! (Win up to 30M+ In-game Cash)

Doing a event/contest on Prison 2, nothing is required to join. You could join when the event/contest is ongoing.

Event/Contest ONGOING!
Good luck! Event ends 22 May!
Prize Pool
Winner takes all!
$ 31,479,051.25
Leading Players!
1st - RonIvan465 with 2337 Points
2nd - MacFerns07 with 1043 Points
3rd - ItsInsanityGz with 548 Points
^ If you'd like to, you can do /pay nerdalbert258 (money amount) on Prison 2 to increase the Prize! Take a screenshot of the payment and post it as a reply to this thread! ^

Contest Info
This event/contest will start on 17 May (on Minecraft's 10th Anniversary), it will last a couple days. To win, you must get as much points as possible!

To join, meet Albert online and simply ask him if you could join. Absolutely anyone could join!

How to earn Points
1. PvP
Kill anyone in the PvP Mine! 1 Kill is worth 10 Points. Albert must see or you must provide screenshot of the kill feed in chat for it to count.

2. Build
Create a build in a plot and depending on how good the Build is (Detail, Size, Creativity and Design is used to rate the build), you can win up to 400 Points. Albert must see the build for it to count. Builds that are built before the event contest started can still be submitted!

3. Be Active
Simply be active and meet Albert for a point on the server

4. Random Item Drops
Give items from random drops by mining blocks to Albert for points. Cake, Mob Heads, Bedrock and End Rods are 1 Point each, Potions and Enderpearls are 2 Points each, Dragon Eggs are 8 Points each and keys give points depending on the rarity of it. Epic Prime Items do not count.

5. Crate Keys
Give keys to Albert. Keys give points depending on their rarity. Vote Keys give 3 Points each.

6. Chat Minigames
A couple times in a while, Albert will do a chat minigame. All you have to do is follow what Albert says and you might just win some points.

7. Casino
Play in anyone's casino and for every 100k won, you earn a point. You must screenshot you winning the prize or Albert must see you win. The host must say in chat that you won.

Good Luck!
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Events like this are pretty creative and cool, it’s realy amusing to see players create there own things ^3^ good job!
Events like this are pretty creative and cool, it’s realy amusing to see players create there own things ^3^ good job!
Thanks! :D I just knew Minecraft's 10th Anniversary was coming and no one on the server even cared. So out of boredom and the fact that I was rich, I made this contest. It'd be awesome if the staff team did something like this once in a while