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Survival my custom enchant idea

I was thinking of an enchantment that was for v3 v2 and v1 and I came up with an enchantment called birdy the birdy 1 makes the player who has it in his boots v1 have the effect of floating and the v2 and v3 would be birdy 2 and birdy 3 and birdy 2 for v2 gives you the effect for 10 seconds and birdy 3 would be for 15 seconds and the effect would be activated by jumping
I would consider it anoying since every time you jump you would start floating , so you wouldn’t be able to pvp , and making v3 useless , what’s the point on flying 15s while on pvp , you could even be considered fly hacking ,I would rather have double jump, but ty for the suggestion. :)