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Pending New Factions concept (java edition concept)

Boss mobs u can buy off pg store and u can spawn wherever u want, and when u do it, it does a broadcast that tells the cords of who and where it was spawned

Also custom mob hordes that spawn into wz that drop gear with special enchants and stuff u can only get from them??

Also plz remove mines, and enderframes (bedrock is optional) and maybe enable tnt??

And finally plz fix home glitch where ppl can glitch into ur base.
Heres a few things you need to know.
Primegames will not be able to handle mobs due to its AI not working, so even tho mobs can be allowed it will just stand still.
So this will mean spawners will not come in a few months.
FiberGlassCivic told me that mines will be removed and they will see further on.
EnderFrames and Bedrock will be staying in the game.
They will test TNT soon but will not be released in V2
They are working on fixing the home glitch.
i agree mobs could be added but they would need to buy more space
We can’t do anything about peip’e Glitching into base , if we wanna do that dev must do that player can even break or doing anything at all , because people use block glitching and some use ender pearl so both Areva impossible to fix without getting rid people permission sorry
2 tnt can’ Be added because people will make loads of lag ,and i don’t even imagine the duplication glitch the sneaky player will find with that
Tbh mobs make the server lagg like crazy so I would think they are still gonna be removed , and tnt , día bout that man , but I would like it to b added
Idk why the server lags sm last season when border was like 10 mil I didnt lag ever


Idk why the server lags sm last season when border was like 10 mil I didnt lag ever
Probably because the server was a lot smaller with all those players we had. Plus, mobs, and this being a public server :p
We still got 30 40 players last season we have less this season and lag harder than a truck