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Your In-Game-Name: IVExLOSTxSANITY

When were you banned? Oct 19, 2018

Which Staff banned you? ChomCharlie

Reasons for ban? advertising

Your Appeal: when u log onto prime games faction i usually get into the mine.
when im mining i often have /sell all copied and do ctrl v to paste it fast and enter so i dont waste time typing and continue my mining.
i often forget i have something else copied discord links, youtube videos, downloads etc from previous activities and paste them thinking i have /sell all copied.
i think its unfair to ban me for "advertising" when i apologise every time i do so.

Server on which you play: Factions
this is the photo that was sent wich proves i advertise multiple times?
it shows that they are all seperate random links.
i know the rules of the server and i have no need to advertise all these random stuff?


As he said, he apologizes every time he does it accidentally, so wouldn't it be okay? If anything he does it in /f c so it doesnt go public?


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Avertising is not allowed in general or private chats
Advertising is not allowed. Period. You should know. Aploigizing doesn’t do anything or change the fact that u did it.


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Advertist are not allowed

Closing thread



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Also u should have realised it
No one says so much in chat and dosent realise it
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