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QNA about me


Mod ✌
Q; What is my in game name ?

A; My in game name is; ChomCharlie.

Q; How old am i ?

A; I Am 19 years old.

Q; How long i play PrimeGames ?

A; Sunday 1st July 2018

Q; How long i applied for staff ?

A; When i joined PrimeGames ??? (Sunday 1st July 2018)

Q; When i was accepted as staff on PrimeGames ?

A; Thursday 26th July 2018; 10:07PM

Q; When i got promoted to mod ?

A; Sunday 14th October 2018

Q; What is my favorite colors ?

A; Light green, light blue, red, yellow, white, black, gold

Q; when i joined PrimeGames discord ?

A; Sunday 1st July 2018

Q; what is my favorite foods ?

A; Pizza, hamburger, hotdog, sea food, fish, …

Q; what is my favoriate animals ?

Write down the comments if you want question :D


Staff member
Sr. Admin
thanks for the info?u answered one of my q
Youre still helper on forums plz ask a higher staff to set your rank


SouthScorpion12#0999 dm me for help :D
I wanna copy ur idea...
But yeah thanks for the info?
and wow well done on your staff application must've been good!


Every Moment Is a Fresh Beginning
good job and glad i got to know more about you. You forgot to answer the last question :)


Every Moment Is a Fresh Beginning
What is your favorite food?

oof no one posted on my qna xD