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Dear Staff, i was banned on AnasPG but upon reading the new rules ban evasion is allowed, i made an account RubyGames291 and was wondering if i can have my Immortal rank onto there because my friend paid good money. All i am Asking is the rank to go not even a single dirt block else . RANK IN
Prison 1
Prison 2
Thank you, alot people know i am immortal and i dont have recipt, if you rlly want i can get on anaspg if u pardon me show rank and be banned again


Staff member
Idk if you know, but all players are getting unbanned in the new update
So i can trans my rank here, and in update i can get the rank there


Staff member
Sr. Admin
You won’t be getting your rank back. You were banned and that means all and I mean ALL your progress and ranks won’t be transferred and will be lost. Plus you don’t have your receipt if we did transfer the ranks. It’s as simple as this..
Have fun playing.
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