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Closed Slowmode should be disabled for Ranks

Yes or No?

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I feel like slowmode is just to frustrating to have, like when u have a joke and then you wanna say jk, but slowmode gets in ur way and the person gets offended.
Or when you are doing a command so fast after typing but then you die..

Destroyer, Hero, Immortal, God, ETC should have slowmode disabled for those ranks.
I like this idea, it could give more perks to the lower paid ranks. Also this would be very useful and can it really can get annoying, as you stated. Hope the higher ups will look into this!
personally dont think its a big deal jsut say jkjk at end of normal joke they still have to read it ands tuff but yh ig maybe a good idea
Hmm , I like the idea but what I would do is instead of completely removing it , make it so that u can send 5 msgs and then a 4s or 3s slow mode starts (to avoid spam)
5 messages u can still spam also a nick name letter cap so people cant do 100 character. Names
I agree with baby, But u cant spamm if the spamm bot recognizes ur spamming
I think it's fine the way it is tho no reason for so much useless coding when the boy is fine jkjk


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Yeah just another great feature for donators.?
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