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Pending suggestions

do you think these are good feature requests?


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.remove telepathy enchant if server already does that

.add a enchant that allows you to have the levitation effect if you get a combo

add a triple jump enchant on boots

.give member more perms than voter like visiter only pv1 voter maybe pv2 or just 1 and member pv 3 or pv2

.add a luck enchant that allows a higher chance for loot while mining

.add a rank called {SNITCH} that you get if you report a certain number of players for a real reason "has to end up being a true report cans be a lie or a staged report or a false report"

.another rank called {REPORTER} you get if you report a certain number of inappropriate builds

.another rank called {BUG FINDER} you get if you report a certain number of bugs "can't be a fake bug from a hacked client or a texture pack it has to be a true report not a false report"

.add a rank called something like {FEATURES} you get if you request a certain number of features for the server

.add a rank called {GOOD-BOY} or {GOOD-GIRL}. you get the rank if you follow all the rules 100% of the time and never got kicked or muted or intruble on disc or the server.

.(HELPS WITH THE RANK ABOVE THIS) a new question when you make your primeGames account the new question is what your gender is if you are a boy or a girl this question will help yo know if to give the player the {GOOD-BOY}rank or the {GOOD-GIRL}rank so you don't get the rank wrong then hear are you assuming my gender!

Hope you like my suggestions and I hope they pass.




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Here are the pros and cons of this

-New ranks for players to want to achieve
-May get new players to stay as those are goals
-could get rewards for achieving ranks
(May be some I have not listed)
-A lot of rank perms to setup
-A lot of coding/works for deve to make that automated
-could have glitches with the ranks
(May be more I have not listed)
If you added luck enchant to all servers more people would mine, resulting in more people mining than playing that specific game mode like factions for example. Same with adding more pv's on factions more people would store everything in their pv's and not make bases making raiding virtually useless. Telepathy is disabled i believe so it would be nice to get it remove, correct me if i'm wrong, adding a levitation enchant could make some people look like hackers, good pvpers that get a lot of combos would practically be flying at some points. That's just my opinion at least.
Then for staff add in a /check command that allows staff to check what effects you have.


Every Moment Is a Fresh Beginning
I also agree with literally everything ultra said.


Every Moment Is a Fresh Beginning
part i agree with most is the telepathy part.