Survival Survival Land Claims

Do you agree or Disagree with changes being made to Survival?

  • Yes, i agree with all of it

  • Yes, But i only agree with the Claiming

  • Yes but i only agree with Vanilla CE.

  • No, I Completely disagree.

  • No, i disagree with Changing Claims, but agree with Vanilla CE.

  • No, disagree with Vanilla CE, but disagree with Changing claims

  • Doesn't matter

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i had an idea today while discussing survival claims with Kira and others. I thought about Why survival has claims, and custom enchants. In Any survival Game, you cannot use Bedrock to build, or end portals, You cannot claim land that wouldn't be raidable, or greifable. Why can you on THIS Survival? It is my belief (shared by some others) that survival should be just that. Survival. I think that Claims should be limited to one to two or normal members, voters, etc. However with each purchased rank, or certain ranks, the limit would increase by again, one to two. I think CE should be more vanilla and less over powered. You cant fight those enchants without CE's of your own. In Vanilla games, there are no gears enchants, there arent any enchants that blind the person. If these changes dont happen (or change period) It would no longer be fitting to simply call it Survival now. If these changes cannot happen (or changes similar to them) The name should be changed to 'Custom Survival' or something along those lines, Because lets be honest- The survival server, Is not Survival.